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Country/Location Represented : AFGHANISTAN
LinkForeign PrincipalForeign Principal
Registration Date
Foreign Principal
Termination Date
AddressStateRegistrantRegistration #Registration
View DocumentsAfghanistan Orphanages07/23/196407/01/1966Washington  DCMull Jr., Archibald Marison177307/23/1964
View DocumentsGeneral Rashid Dostum, Commander & President, Afghanistan Northern Alliance Junbish Party02/11/200209/30/2002Military Headquarters, Mazar-e-Sharif  Philip S. Smith & Associates, Inc.547102/11/2002
View DocumentsGovernment of Afghanistan07/23/196407/01/1966Washington  DCMull Jr., Archibald Marison177307/23/1964
View DocumentsAriana Afghan Airlines Company, Ltd.08/13/196509/18/1966Kabul  Cleary, Gottlieb, Steen & Hamilton, LLP50801/19/1948
View DocumentsEmbassy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan08/02/201711/21/20172341 Wyoming Avenue, NW
Washington  20008
DCSonoran Policy Group, LLC D/B/A Stryk Global Diplomacy 639912/11/2016
View DocumentsIslamic State of Afghanistan/Mission in U.S.12/04/199612/31/1996Washington  DCJennings, John M.514212/04/1996
View DocumentsAfghanistan Hospitals07/23/196407/01/1966Washington  DCMull Jr., Archibald Marison177307/23/1964
View DocumentsAbdul Rashid Dostum03/21/200206/18/2002Ministry of Foreign Affairs Mazar-E-Sharif  Mai, Ellen Hunter548703/21/2002
View DocumentsMohammed Gul Raoufi and other supporters of Afghanistan04/16/202003/01/2022Qala-e-Najara, District 11,
Khairkharna, Kabul  
Afghanistan-U.S. Democratic Peace and Prosperity Council, Inc.681704/16/2020
View DocumentsAfghanistan-U.S. Democratic Peace and Prosperity Council, Inc.12/31/202012/31/2021800 Maine Avenue, SW
Washington  20024
DCBullpen Strategy Group, LLC650412/29/2017
View DocumentsAnwar Ul-Haq Ahadi, Presidential Candidate in Afghanistan09/30/200905/03/2009  AGA Group, LLC560002/13/2004
View DocumentsAbdullah Abdullah Presidential Campaign06/09/201406/19/2014Kabul  Sanitas International, LLC596311/18/2009
View DocumentsGhani, Ashraf07/14/201409/05/2014
Sanitas International, LLC596311/18/2009
View DocumentsASR Organization Development forum09/24/200910/01/20091050 Connecticut Avenue, NW
Washington  20033
DCBlackBear Communications595209/24/2009
View DocumentsMohammad Ashraf Ghani12/27/201912/27/2019Presidential Palace Kabul
Nasib, Attaullah677612/27/2019
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